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PETRUS AB AGGERE Spain; Belgium, fl.1558-62, MIM SIM Universal Equatorial Sundial, 1558 = RSM (loan) = Soth. 12/4/61 = Zoccali Coll. = Soth. 3/16/67 = ADL-DPW40; Graphometer?, 1560 = FLO-1278; Astronomical Ring, 1562 = OXF. sundial signed "Absolvit Bruxelle Petrus ab aggere in gratiam D. Francisci de Hispania anno salutis humanae 1558"; the graphometer? is signed "Absolvit Toleti Petrus ab aggere Mathematicus Regius"; astronomical ring is signed "Petrus Aggerius Matriti in gratian D. Petri Fajiandi"; Michel said the name might be a latinization of Van Rampart or Van den Dijk; the lists of towns with latitudes always start with "Hispania", as Spain owned the Low Countries at that time. Brussels (1558); Toledo (1560); Madrid (1562). Bonelli 1; Morpurgo 2; Zinner 1 (2nd Ed.); Price 2; Michel 3; Gunther 2; Evans 1; ADL; RSW.

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