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PATRONI, PIETRO Italy, fl.1714-22, OIM Microscope, 1715 = LEY; Binocular Microscopes = P.C. (1719), NAC (1722); Binocular Telescopes = DEU (1714), NAC (1719); Telescopes = ADL-M426, Soth. 1/25/84. the binocular telescopes are signed "Sac Coesae et Catae Mais Opticus Mediolani" and "Petrus Patronus"; the Soth. telescope is signed "Pierre Patroni"; the Adler telescope is signed on the objective lens; Patroni is mentioned in an advertisment by James Mann 2. Mediolani = Milan. Daumas 1; Bonelli 1; Price 2; Engelmann 1; Dewhirst; Crawforth 1; A.J. Turner 10; ADL; RSW.

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