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PARNELL, THOMAS England, fl.1776-1811, MIM NIM OIM PHIM Marine Barometer = X; Stick Barometer = Soth. 12/15/83; Telescopes = SWE, X; Octants = MYS, D.(1990), Marine Museum, Horten, Norway, Stadt Museum, Albenå, Denmark, VNN, Bolling Hall, Bradford; Sextants = MYS, Versailles 4/17/83, P.C.; etc. apprenticed to John Blake in the Joiners' Company, Dec. 13, 1768; free of the Company, May 7, 1776; T.C.; most of his instruments are signed "Parnell." at the Mariner and Quadrant, No. 94 (later No. 2) Hermitage Bridge, Lower East Smithfield, London. Taylor 2(1023); Calvert 2; Crawforth 1 & 7; Moskowitz 102; Pipping 1; Goodison 1; M.A.D., May 1990; RSW.

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