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PARIS, CLAUDE France, 1703-63, MIM OIM Telescopes, Gregorian = CNAM (1755), Drouot Richelieu 4/28/88; Telescopes = NAC, P.C.; Microscope, Cuff-type = NAC; Telescopes were offered by dealers in 1967, 1970 and 1976. associated with Jean-Baptiste-Charles Gonichon, 1733; made "marchand miroitier privilégié suivant la Cour" in 1740; the privilege passed to his sister, Marie-Michelle Gonichon, upon his death in 1763; it is hard to tell whether it is Claude Paris or his son who made the telescopes offered by dealers. Paris. Daumas 1; Brieux 2 & 3; Nachet; Wynter and Turner; USNM; Augarde; RSW.

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