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OTTHEINRICH HERZOG VON DER PFALZ Germany, 1502-59, MIM Horizontal Sundials, gilt-brass, 1547 = ADL-M237, van Alfen Coll., D.(1969). the van Alfen and D. sundials are signed "O.H.P." (Ott Heinrich Pfalzgraf); the Adler dial is signed "M.D.Z.O.H.P." (Mit Der Zeit Ott Heinrich Pfalzgraf) and "O.H.P. Auctor" on the back; the dealer's dial is mounted on a stone base; the van Alfen dial is mounted on an ebony base; Mit Der Zeit is said to be Ottheinrich's personal motto; he bought an astrolabe, two ivory sundials and an armillary sphere from Georg Hartmann in 1544. Palatinate. Zinner 1; Engelmann 1; Moran; Michel 3; Holland's Glorie; A.J. Turner 10; ADL; RSW.

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