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NORRY, PIERRE France, fl.1644-79, MIM Sundial, string-gnomon, oval = Phillips 9/16/81; Sundial, string-gnomon, octagonal, 1644 = Ecouen (CLU-18537); Sundials, octagonal, silver = Barnett Coll. (1649), Soth. 3/17/38; Butterfield-type Sundial, 1679 = OXFB-70; Horizontal Sundials = MERC, Lempertz 6/14/76, Libert et Castor 4/28/82, Soth. 2/25/86. the dials are usually signed "Norry" but sometimes spelled "Nory"; Michel thought that Norry moved to Paris about 1679. Gisors; Paris (c.1679). Hamilton 1; Michel 3; RSW.

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