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NEWTON AND SON England, fl.1840-61, MIM Terrestrial Globes = H. Ford Museum, Mich (1840), Rutgers U. Library, N.J. (1844); P.C. (2), Phillips 7/20/83 (1845), Maria Mitchell House, Nantucket, Mass. (1849), USNM (1852); Terrestrial Globes, miniature = Soth. 7/7/78, Phillips 4/20/83; Celestial Globes = D.(1974)(1845), Maria Mitchell House (1847), Cambridge Geological School (1861); Pair of Globes on stands with compasses = Christie 4/3/85; Orreries = Soth. 1/27/75, Bonhams 12/4/81; etc. John and William (2) Newton; one terrestrial globe is marked "Newtons New and Improved Terrestrial Globe. Published by Newton and Son"; T.C. 66 Chancery Lane, London. Taylor 2(1397); Dewhirst; Calvert 2; Crawforth 1; Wynter 1; Wynter and Turner; USNM; Olivia Brown 1; Yonge; RSW.

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