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NEWMAN, JOHN FREDERICK England, fl.1816-60, MIM OIM PHIM SIM made many philosophical instruments including barometers, pyrometers electrical machines, also sundials, surveying instruments, rules, etc; examples may be seen at KEN, VEN, USNM, SWE, Royal Institution, etc. most instruments signed "I. Newman" or "J. Newman"; showed an air pump at the Great Exhibition, London, 1851; he was philosophical instrument maker to the Royal Institution; made instruments for the East India Company; developed a portable barometer in 1833; probably succeeded James Newman; bought out by Negretti and Zambra, 1862; T.C.; see Newman and Son. No. 7 and 8 Lisle Street, Leicester Square (1816-25); 109 Regent Street; 122 Regent Street (1827-60); all in London. Taylor 2(1396); Goodison 1; USNM; Price 2; Moskowitz 103; RSW; Evans 1; G.L'E. Turner 24; Chaldecott 3; RGO; Middleton 1.

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