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NEMES, JOHN England, fl.1724-53, MIM Sundials = OXF, AMST; Horizontal Sundial = Soth. 9/20/83; Compass Sundials = Soth. 10/18/74, 10/20/75 and 3/10/87-99, WHI-1192. apprenticed to his father, Robert, in the Clockmakers' Company in June, 1710; freed as a Brother in the Company, June 18, 1724; the horizontal and compass sundials are signed on the paper compass roses inside the lids of the cases; some of the signatures show as "I. Nemes." London. Taylor 2(199); Mörzer Bruyns 1; Gunther 2; Evans 1; Weil 25; Crawforth 8; Baillie 1; Britten; Bryden 16; RSW.

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