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NEGRETTI, HENRY Italy; England, 1818-79, MIM OIM PHIM Magnetic Sundial, brass case = Soth. 11/13/61; Wheel Barometer = KEN; etc. Enrico Angelo Ludovico Negretti; came to England in 1830; he was apprenticed to Francis Augustus Pizzala 1 in 1838; Read thought he was apprenticed to C. Tagliabue; glassblower, in 1840; Middleton thought he was working with John Ronketti in 1840; worked for M. Pizzi from 1843, and later for his widow; philosophical instrument maker by 1849; formed a partnership with Joseph Warren Zambra in 1850 which continued until Negretti's death in 1879; the firm was carried on by sons of Negretti and of Zambra and still exists under that name. see NEGRETTI, HENRY (cont.)

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