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NEGRETTI AND ZAMBRA England, 1850-present, MIM OIM PHIM sundials; telescopes; microscopes; barometers; thermometers; hygrometers; etc. Henry Negretti and Joseph Warren Zambra became partners in 1850, this continued until the death of Negretti in 1879; the firm was carried on by the sons of Negretti and of Zambra and still exists under the same name; T.C.; "Opticians and Meteorological Instrument Makers to Her Majesty"; patented an improvement for barometers in 1861. 11 Hatton Garden; 1 Hatton Garden; branch at 122 Regent Street (1862-present); 38 Holborn Viaduct (1870-1941). G.L'E. Turner 24; W.J. Read; Daumas 1; Moskowitz; Middleton1; Goodison 1; RSW.

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