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MOXON, JOSEPH (CONT.) terrestrial globe at Winchester designed by Roger Palmer. at the Sign of the Sugar-loaf in Houns-ditch, at the upper end of Houns-ditch near Bishopsgate (1647); the Netherlands (-1651); near St. Michael's in Cornhill, at the Sign of the Atlas on Parnassus Hill (1652-65); on Ludgate Hill near Fleet Bridge at the Sign of the Atlas (1666); Covent Garden (1667); at the Atlas in Russell Street (1670-71); at the Sign of Atlas on Ludgate Hill near Fleet Bridge on the west side of Fleet Bridge; Westminster Hall over against Parliament Stairs (1694); Warwick Lane (1699); all in London. Taylor 1(228); Tyacke 1; Elizabeth Hall; Crawforth 1; USNM; Millburn 5; Wynter 1; Latham and Matthews, Vol. 4; Krogt 2; Edell; Olivia Brown 3; A.J. Turner 10; Yonge; ADL; RSW.

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