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MOXON, JOSEPH England, 1627-1700, MIM Celestial and Terrestrial Globes, including miniatures, which may be seen in many museums including KAS, SKO, ADL, WHI, BEK, Winchester Cathedral Library, etc.; Quadrant, wood and paper, with a Volvelle = Burton Constable. free of the Weavers' Company by Patrimony before 1646; transferred to the Stationers' Company in 1646; admitted to the Livery of the Weavers' Company in 1664; had been taking apprentices in that Company; worked with his brother, James, 1646-47; worked with John Sugar (1653-65); T.C.; F.R.S. in 1678; "Hydrographer to the King"; made "Particular" and Copernican spheres from Blaeu's design; developed the miniature terrestrial globe in England. see Moxon, Joseph (Cont.) see Moxon, Joseph (Cont.)

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