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MONGENET, FRANCOIS DE France; Italy, fl.1552-pre-92, MIM Terrestrial Gores, 1552 = X; Celestial Globe, silver, 1552 = ADL-G15; Pairs of Gores = ADL-A344 and A345, BM-Map Room, New York Public Library, PBN; Terrestrial Gores = NUR; Celestial Globes (2) = ROM; Terrestrial Globe = ROM; Pair of Globes = Drecker; Terrestrial Globe with Sundial and watch inside, 1552 = UTC. François De Mongenet; the ADL celestial globe had later additions made to it and is marked "Elaborabat Franciscus De Mongenet 1605" with the original date erased; the globes at ROM were stolen in 1984; unsigned terrestrial globe, ADL-M17, made from de Mongenet gores, c.1560. Vesoul; Besançon; Venice. Fox 1 and 2; Bedini 12; Yonge; Stevenson; Ruge; Karrow; ADL; RSW.

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