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MILLER, LEONHARD Germany, fl.1627-64, MIM made ivory diptych sundials; dates ranged from 1637-51; examples can be seen at BM, OXF, INN, HAK, WHI, EMA, BEK, AUG, ROM, SAL, LIE, KEN, ADL, etc. punchmark is a fleur-de-lys; Zinner and Gouk treated Leonard and Lienhart Miller as one person but we feel the date spread is too wide; Leonhard is some times spelled Leonhart or Leonhardt; sometimes signed "L.M." with insignia in between. Nürnberg. Zinner,1; Gouk 1; Price 2; MADEX; Hamilton 2; Bobinger 2; NMM 2; Bryden 16; ADL; RSW.

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